Saturday, August 11, 2012

Memom's Blueberry Crisp

I find blueberries to be a peculiar kind of fruit.

Some people are fortunate enough to grow up with blueberry plants right outside their doors (I was not one of them, although my Mom did grow raspberries, which were a treat in the summer). Instead of enjoying the small, super-ripe bursts of flavor from a fresh-picked handful of these tiny berries, I felt somewhat confined to the tiny plastic cartons that usually contained mushy, sour fruit.

This is not to discount my wonderful parents, because they certainly introduced me to a plethora of fresh produce, especially while growing up with Amish roadstands right around the corner, all brimming with gorgeous fruits and vegetables.

The day I had my first true blueberry "aha" moment was the day I tried my Grandmother's blueberry pie. She had made this pie before, but I always chose the other, more chocolate dessert option instead. However, one day something sparked me to just try a slice (probably the fact that this was the only thing she made for dessert, and I NEVER skip dessert). It was seriously heavenly.

"HOW can blueberries taste like this?" I thought.

So really, where was this flavor coming from? And then I realized that blueberries are one of those magical fruit whose true flavors are released upon baking, and Hallelujah, I was converted forever!

A Note about Memom & Pepop

Two very good looking people!

Still good looking, and at my CIA Associates graduation

My second "aha" moment occurred a few weeks ago over another delicious confection of my Grandmother's (I call her Memom). 

Spoon-deep in her Blueberry Crisp, I realized the amount of time that she and my Grandfather (I call him Pepop), actually spent taking care of me while I was little (and a toddler, and a teen, and even now). While my Mom was working, she would drop me off to spend the afternoons at Memom and Pepop's house. Memom would feed me, take me to the grocery store and by me donuts and Cheez Balls, and Pepop would watch countless re-runs of cartoons, movies, and play "restaurant" with me (he probably never guessed at my future occupation!). Besides all of my wonderful food memories at their house, I also have some amazing childhood memories too. 

So, this post is dedicated to my amazing Grandparents, for all that they have done (and still continue to do) for me. Below I've posted Memom's Crisp recipe so you, too, can share in the blueberry goodness. I shared some of the small changes I made to the recipe (mainly due to a lack of ingredients in my college dorm room), and feel free to experiment by making your own. **Don't forget the vanilla ice cream!!**

Stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :)


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