Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Blossom Wedding Cake

Why hello there!

Please forgive me for my one-month hiatus, the life of a college student does tend to get pretty crazy.

Before I tell you about the wedding cake I made this past weekend 
for some super sweet nuptials, how about a May recap?

May flew by.

Brandon and I kept busy,
cooking when we could!

Here we made a deliciously sinful hash with asian-spiced flank steak, potatoes, onions, and a hint of teriyaki.
Of course, topped with my favorite 4-minute egg and served with some simple roasted asparagus.

At the end of May, he graduated with his Associates degree!

I am so proud of him, but I miss him a wholeeeee lot :(

However, we will be reunited soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our culinary journeys.

On the left is the dessert we enjoyed at the graduation banquet: Maple mousse with sesame nougatine, blueberry sorbet, graham streusel, and fresh berry compote. It honestly was delicious.

Right after Brandon left,
I got to go into
the city to meet my
family and celebrate
my sister's Sweet 16!

We had a great weekend,
feasting on Shake Shack
burgers, seeing the Phantom
of the Opera, and wandering
around New York City.

adding over 200 yellow blossoms!

On top of all this, I had my first 

"big girl" wedding cake order!

Ta Daaaaaaa!

When I received the news that this bride wanted me to do her cake, I was giddy with excitement. I immediately got to work, making order sheets, invoices, fixing up my menu, designing logos, making business cards, preparing the order and finally, BAKING!

Traveling to the venu (I was crouched in the back!)

This past weekend I made the 4-hour drive home to PA with all of my ingredients
(which I purchased from the school storeroom... much more cost effective!)
and my lovely green Kitchenaid (courtesy of Brandon, he sure knows the way to a girl's heart).

I baked, cut, filled, layered, and covered the whole cake on Saturday.

On Sunday, my Mom (who saved my life this weekend, by the way; she was my right hand woman) and I traveled to the venue, stacked the cake, and decorated!

Two of the tiers were Crumbcoat's Sugar Berry flavor, which has vanilla bean cake, fresh berries (strawberry in this case), mascarpone or cream cheese buttercream 
(the bride chose cream cheese), and jam.
The other two tiers were vanilla bean cake with chocolate ganache, 
fresh raspberries, and raspberry jam.

 It made my day to hear how happy the bride was! This is why I love my profession :]

For ordering information, check out the top of the Crumbcoat blog!

Stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :)


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